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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

using blocks

Look at him go...holy crap he is so old. He was doing a great job!! Putting the blocks exactly where it would settle in and hit it gently down...one on top of each other...up to 3!
Today he started signing back to me...he signed "stop" back to me (so he told me to stop telling him to stop hehehe) I feel bad we stopped signing to him for a while because he didn't seem receptive, but he really understands and is doing it back, wish we would have been doing it for the past months, who knows how well he could be communicating...mostly he still yells at us... hard not to laugh at him since you can almost hear him yelling "feed me momma NOW" or "attention I demand attention" :)
He is funny. He can form "stop" but he won't clap! He laughs and bangs his head back and forth and hit up and down anything around when he gets excited.
I wanted to take a few minutes again and write about the stuff he is doing lately.
Eating like a horse and typically doesn't stop when he is full, just slows down. For breakfast he gets a big up of milk, a banana (which I just hand to him in thirds) and unflavored oatmeal mixed his multivitamin. For lunch he gets an egg with melted cheese, a veggie(peas, green beans, broccoli, carrots, avocado, green peppers, cucumbers...), rice or noodles or crackers, and watered down juice. Around 4 when he wakes from his second nap he has fruit and water for a snack...lately it has been melon or pineapple. For dinner he has poultry and veggies again with a grain and then a 4 oz yogurt and water. He still has issues when we eat even if we just fed him and filed him to capacity. He likes to carry his sippy cup around with water in it.
He stores items in his new truck...when I need a pacifier that is where he has put it. And loves dramatic peak a boo. He thinks he is pretty funny when he takes your stuff and runs and tears apart something he knows he shouldn't be into. He stands on his own with no help now, putting his hands on the floor and putting his butt into the air then stading up. He barely ever crawls any more unless he gets very excited and falls and is too excited to stand again. He is very steady on his feet now, however if you are too close to him and turn suddenly he will fall down and look at you as if you killed his puppy. When he wants to be picked up he runs toward you with his arms in the air wiggling his fingers and making noise...until he runs into your legs and rubs his head against your legs and grabs at your pants, tugging. He can be very sweet and when he wants to be he snuggles his head into your neck and closes his eyes for just a minute. His kisses are a head bang forehead to forehead. He gets out Momma and Dadda a lot more often and I think he is starting to understand that they relate to us.I can't wait to hear him say Mommy!

He goes to sleep on his own so easily now. Just hug him, kiss him and tell him you love him then lay him in his crib and if he is tired he will go to sleep. He is till taking two naps and is always ready for them. He does wake up some times and I have to let him cry for a few minutes and he usually curls up and goes back to sleep, if not I can cuddle him calm and lay him back down awake and out he goes. Night is different. We have been letting him come to bed early in the morning since he was 3 months old. He still wakes and won't go back to sleep until he is in between us. He spreads out and puts one leg on me and one arm on Shawn, and usually wakes when Shawn leaves for work. I know we will have to stop it soon, but I miss him when we don't bring him to bed.

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