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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chemicals, Leaving, and Friends

There was a press release today from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics about chemicals in hygiene products, partically baby products. Shawn was checking the news and then got all fired up and researched it. Apparently there are "trace amounts" of formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane, both which cause cancer. These chemicals are in most major chains of baby bath products. We have been using Johnson and Johnson or store brand since Johnny was born. The more we read the more alarmed we became. There are many chemicals in these products which can cause things from reproductive problems to developmental delays to cancer. Of course the FDA says these chemicals are so small that only in large amounts do they pose a danger....but any small danger is a danger, who is to say what a large amount is. And if you use two different products in conjunction they can be even more dangerous. We have switched from equate which ranked a 5 in a 0-5 (5 being most dangerous) to California baby, which ranked a 1. I am having BPA flash backs.
Here is the website which ranks products and explains a lot better then I can.


PS something I didn't know, most products which say "no tears" are no tears because they have a numbing product in it!!! That just sounds so ridiculous to me!!

moving on

This week end I am going to Ohio with my mom and Natalie for my cousin Rachel's baby shower. We are not taking Johnny with us (or Ella) I have been very nervous about this and was reluctant to say yes. But it makes the most sense, I am leaving Johnny with his father, and it will be great for them to spend some time together! Bond and have some special days and nights. Taking Johnny on a 6 hr trip just to turn around and make him do it again when he was just in Ohio a few weeks ago seems like a lot to ask of him. Plus there is me and the time I will get with my mom and sister in law. We decided to make a girls week end out of it. We are going shopping at Grove City Outlets and are getting a hotel just to sit around and talk and relax. I have been sticking my nose in the air about leaving Johnny behind. I love him and the last time my parents' took him for the week end it was rough for me, I missed him so much, but in reality this will be great! and so was that week end!! I realized it in the baby isle of Target this evening. Two girls where buying off of a baby registry and making comments about how could these people really need this many bibs. I butted in and said "oh yes they go through them fast" they made a laughing comment about knowing who was a mom in that isle and I realized I wasn't wearing any makeup and had oatmeal in my hair (sorry mom.) So it will be wonderful to have a week end where I won't have oatmeal in my hair, I won't have to take a mid shopping break for nap time and I get to worry more about what I look like and feel like then what kind of shampoo we are using on Johnny. I understand Natalie! Thanks Mom!! I am sure it will be a great week end! I can come back re energized for the next year of Johnny's life.

Speaking of which...I got a mommy birthday gift today. My friend Jen in Georgia sent me a custom made necklace with a real four leaf clover in the charm, johnny's picture on the back and our Irish blessing as well!! It is so cute and I feel so special. She is doing a give away of a necklace like mine...on Johnny's birthday...made me cry...check it out..
Jen is a real sweet person who has always offered super amounts of info and non judgmental advice!!! I actually have a bookmark folder on my computer called "help from jen" :) Thanks sweety!!

I keep trying to find words on what it is like to me a mom for a full year. The impact it has had, but I feel like I am repeating myself, but yet that I haven't gotten it out yet. I am a better person! next year I will be an even better person and so on...for Johnny and because of him.

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Jen said...

We buy CA Baby in bulk from their website. It come in gallons and half gallons. I use this to re-fill the 2 bottles I bought at Target and add a little water to make it last longer! I use CA Baby in the wipe solution too!

I am SO glad you like your pendant! Love ya!