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Sunday, March 29, 2009

pictures and a nothing week end

Daddy was very happy to show Johnny his very first rainbow...really Daddy took him out of his high chair in the middle of dinner because he wanted him to see this...really Johnny was interested...in his dinner in the house...poor daddy :)This is what happens when you order french fries!! Shawn had ordered them, they where sitting in a closed box next to me, Shawn was across from me and the next thing we knew the room was very quite and Johnny was very happy, sitting less then a foot from my feet...sneaky ninja monkey! Oh how pretty those eyes!

Daddy finally got his computer and moved it down stairs...Johnny wanted to play too :) so he spun the baby around and he loved it!

More week end daddy play time

Momma trying very hard to get a picture of the updated teeth, both up and bottom are really starting to come down, but this is the best I could do for now.

Morning milk in his chair!

We didn't do anything this week end really...It was nice, but now the house shows our nothing week end and this week I must get into gear...finally.

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