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Friday, July 17, 2009

Ella is 5 and Johnny is 16 Months...what the heck happened?

Happy 5th Birthday Bunny girl, we love you so very very much!!! Yesterday was Ella's 5th birthday and we all went to her house for a low key dinner, presents and fish. Her Mommy and Daddy got her a rainbow fish tank for her birthday, so we all brought her a fish to put into it, then ate crab and fish shaped cookies.

Though Johnny loves his cousin very much, this was his favorite part of the party...fish shaped snacks at his level that no one stopped him from eating.

Being that our little monkey is at least half a Maryland baby, he had his first crab...Momma had to crack it up for him and make sure to give him nothing with old bay on it...he didn't like the old bay.

But he did like the crab...

Look at how focused he is...home made mac and cheese!!!! soooooo yummy!!!

The party was A LOT of fun!!!!

On Monday July 13th, Papa came over to fix the cabinet...Johnny helped!

We must confer Papa...hummmmm.

16 months have gone by. why? why can't he just stay a baby?

Today is Shawn's unit's family day and then Johnny goes to a ball game with Papa and Uncle Chuckles and Mommy and Daddy are off to Otakon...yeah!!!

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Jen said...

Happy Birthday Ella! Time flies by, doesn't it!?