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Friday, July 31, 2009

Hero Salute and Headed to Sesame Place

So with Johnny's new love for "Melmo" Momma got searching the Internet for discounted tickets to Sesame Place which is an awesome amusement park designed for preschoolers who love Sesame Street, which Johnny does. We went with Ella right before she turned two (kids are free before they are 2 and after that are a full price ticket of $50) and I thought it was really cool. The characters come out and and play and there are a ton of water areas to play in and rides just for him and really big play grounds!!! Besides it is in PA so it is just under 2 hours for us to get there.

Anyways I started looking and found the Hero Salute program, which allows an active duty soldier member and 3 direct dependents free admission to one many different amusement parks (sea world, bush gardens, sesame place.) This means that we save $100 on admission to Sesame Place making it very affordable to go!!! We can take a small cooler which picnic lunch and not buy any food there (while staying on our diets) and save even more!!! OH MY I am so excited I want to call my mom right now and tell her (that is what I do when I find something like this, call my mom :) but it is 12:30 in the morning, so now I go to sleep, tomorrow I finish making my hair normal again, and then taking Johnny to an Ironbirds game, thanks to Grams and Pops. This week end will either be Sesame Place or the Harford County Farm Fair, we will have to see on the weather predictions, we might do the farm fair this week end and Sesame Place next week end, then we are off to Ohio the week end after that!!!!! I love it when we are busy...means more chances to take pictures :)

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Grams said...

Great minds think alike. I was remebering the same trip you had with Ella. Make sure you get your picture taken on the stoop of 123 Sesame Street. Have fun this week end.oh, and thanks for not calling me at 12:30.