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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Momma's Shoe is Great Fun PLUS a Life Update

What a big boy!!!

Sooooooooo I think this blog has become more a record of Johnny's life then an update place...so I am just going to ramble about the stuff that is going on right now.

Johnny has gotten so old and grown so much in the past few months, almost 16 months old now and I feel like the months just fly by. He babbles A LOT, almost always talking to himself like an inner monologue of what is going on. (Aunt Natalie says he is speaking Ewok) We ask him what he is doing and he babbles a perfectly reasonable answer. He is truly starting to understand us now too, well at least when it comes to food, he is always doing the sign for eat, which is just pointing to his mouth and when asked a question about food he will shake is head up and down or side to side, with real intent for that response. We are still working on ending fits and throwing food on the floor. Words he knows and understand include: Momma, Dadda, up, down, doggy, moew, Ella (this is his most frequently used word), and many many more, but these are the most easily understood and the most common.

We have a foster dog for the next two months, Doogy is living with us, since my brother Charlie, and his family are moving to Ohio to follow a better job. Doogy is living with us until they sell there house here and officially buy my grandfather's old house in Ohio. We are very sad to see Charlie, Michele , and Wyatt leave, but we will still see them often!! Like mid August when we visit them. Doogy is a good dog, likes to relax in her cage and lay outside, doesn't jump or growl at the kids and is lovey.

Next week end we are headed to Otakon, a huge anime convention in Baltimore. I didn't think I would be excited about it but Shawn has had me watching anime for the past week and I think I might be getting excited!! I am even thinking about dying my hair pink for it, how often do you get a reason to dye your hair pink (don't worry mom it will wash out and then all of my hair will be blond again) Friday night Shawn and I will head up to Baltimore and Johnny will get a sleep over at Grams and Pops, while we enjoy the adult parts of Otakon, then Saturday we will take Johnny and do the family stuff...still REALLY excited.

Ella turns 5 in a week!!! WOW FIVE!!! I can't even imagine Johnny as a 5 year old, although I know the date will come up much sooner then I expect. Ella is such a big girl.

Shawn and I are both headed to school come the fall, me online and Shawn at the local community college. It is important to us to finish our degrees so Johnny knows how important it is. I am looking forward to learning again. This semester I get to take "intro to the psychology of parenting" which by the description should help me to understand what kind of parent I am, why, and how to be a better parent...as well as credits of my degree plan!!! We expect the next year or so to be pretty busy as we work on finishing up degrees and moving away from the army, however that is just the plan for now, ask me again next month :)

We are still trying to get pregnant again, nothing new to report there. Taking it a little more seriously the longer it takes...losing weight, drinking special tea blah blah blah...you'll know if something happens.

Life is good here in Maryland...each day is a blessing, Johnny is amazing and I can't wait (though I want to wait a long time) to see what kind of man he becomes, determined, smart, athletic, gorgeous, and funny...at least!!!

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Tara said...

See, and I went and dyed my hair pink for no good reason... hmmm...

LOL Really I streaked it, but I love it!