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Thursday, July 2, 2009

What I Found

This is what I found in Gramma's cabinet this afternoon. All of a sudden I couldn't get the main door to close all the way, so I unscrewed it to look behind and see what was blocking it and this is what I found...
a Penny's credit card name Robert Penney
a Giant Eagle super savers card
an accountants business card from Akron Ohio
a 1985 bank deposit receipt from Nancy Penney's account
a two part certified mail receipt from 1984
Gramma used this cabinet as a desk for her bills and and other paperwork, it is so cool to find all of this stuff that she lost at one point for me to find years later. I wonder if they had to cancel Grandpa's credit card and get a new one or if she ever really needed to know when she deposited that money and had to get a replacement or anything. It is fun to think about it all and what she did with the cabinet.

This is what I do with it now.

The top shelf, a picture of me and Johnny in a frame from mother's day that says "my heart belongs to mom" and a fairy and fairy baby figure, a red convertible toy that Grandpa bought me because he always said I would look great in a red convertible, a "a Christmas story" figure when the dad pulls out the leg lamp that Johnny got me for my birthday last year, and a painted heart that Ella made me when she was 2.

The second shelf has a beautiful picture of Gramma Nancy from when she was a teenager along with the rosary I got her for mother's day a year before we lost her, a small container that has some jewelry from Gramma in it, fake yellow flowers Shawn and I presented the Virgin Mary at our wedding , then a beautiful wedding picture of Gramma and Grandpa.

The bottom shelf has a picture of me and Grandpa from my wedding and the tie and flower he wore that day, the cake cutter and server from our wedding, as well as my bouquet and my tierra and a Cinderella and Prince Charming music ornament.

Inside the cabinet, just like Gramma, I keep current bills, my address book, and other assorted paperwork, as well as knitting books and library books.

Inside the bottom I keep photo albums and keepsakes as well as some yarn and current knitting projects....Gramma kept photo albums in it, I remember at Christmas eve sitting and flipping through them sitting at the bottom of this cabinet.

Gramma's cabinet

Still won't close...now what do I do? Hey Papa I think it is time for another visit :)

and just some dancing around the house.

This is what else I did today. My spearmint plant had grown like crazy so I cut some out and hung it up above the sink...it smells so great and I hope when it dries out I can make some tea!

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