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Saturday, July 18, 2009

O Day and Otakon...bleh

O Day or Organization day at Shawn's unit was yesterday, a day where all the soldiers and civilians who work at the clinic get together and bring there families and build moral and have half a day off for mandatory fun. There wasn't a lot to do and it was really humid and hot, But Johnny really enjoyed all the attention he got for being so darn cute and then the playground.

He could have done slides all day!!!! It is so cute, when he gets excited and knows something fun is about to happen he starts to laugh in preparation, deep and cute.

He wanted to get his face painted but the lady wanted to do his hand, so he got the superman symbol, but it didn't last very long.

As always there is a love for food...this time Johnny got to have the entire piece of watermelon, and chewed down all of the fruit till barely the rine remained.

This is Otakon, the anime convention in down town Baltimore that Shawn and I had been really looking forward to. We went last night and Johnny spent the night with Grams and Pops and went to an Ironbirds game with Uncle Chuckles (I am told he got really excited when he saw the stadium and followed the game and had a great time!) Shawn and I went to Otakon waited for 40 minutes just to get our tickets and then wandered around for a few hours. We tried to sit in on one of the "classes" or discussions and got really let down when the people running the discussion didn't know what they where doing and just screwed around. We had fun being in the environment and out with no responsibility, we had dinner at our favorite Irish restaurant in down town Baltimore. But we came out around 11 exhausted!!! We woke this morning and went to get Johnny from Grams and Pops for a little while, then we were going to head back up to the convention and try again (leaving Johnny for another sleepover with Grams and Pops which all of them enjoy!).... but when we had Johnny back we realised that one of the reasons we didn't have fun was because we missed Johnny and maybe we have grown out of stuff like this. With the money for gas, parking and food and all of the other stuff it takes to do a day at Otakon, we decided not to go back, but to enjoy a full Saturday with the Monkey, appreciating being his parents and having responsibilities :) Life is good

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Grams said...

He is a wonderful little boy and we love spending time with him. You are wonderful parents