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Friday, July 24, 2009

Little Monster

Momma went to Kohls today (while Johnny went to McDonald's for a special lunch with Grams, Papa, Ella, and Chloe and got to eat a happy meal and play in the tunnels, which he loved!) And bought him this new monster hooded towel!! It is soft terrycloth and has the horns, eyes and teeth as well as claws that are pockets for his hands and embroidered spikes down his back! I love it and had to show it off...Johnny is so darn cute!

So Momma gave him his bath tonight and that means pictures....hehehe

This is the real reason Momma went to Kohls today, big boy jammies. In the past week I have had to clean out his closet and learned that his jammies (that I remember buying in February) are all too small, we had to buy 2T today and make sure nothing had elastic around arms or legs and none of the arms or legs are tampered or to tight....this is a big boy and needs big cloths. But I love these dinosaur jammies, which have an extra top in the set!!

So this is the time out chair. I know it looks awfully comfy, but the point is that he go into it for just a minute to calm down or get away from what ever it was he did wrong. He has been doing well by knowing that this is not a chair he is allowed to get out of alone. This particular time out is for throwing food on the floor. After he calms down (which usually takes less then a minute) I then take him to clean up the food, which he also does really well. Other things he gets put in time out for are throwing toys at people or animals, messing with the water cooler, throwing a fit (mostly while food is being prepared or a sippy is seen but not given to him.), climbing on things, jumping off things, and getting into Momma's knitting basket. I never let him get too worked up or start really crying, it is just the whining he needs to stop.

So I thought I would throw in a few cute things about Johnny right now....lets see...his current favorite toys are balls and he can now say ball and does often. His current favorite food is still bananas, but he has really taken to avocados and raisins too. We try to watch a little sesame street every day and he likes the grouch the best and always perks up when he sees it start, he likes to watch it while sitting on my lap, but not cuddling too much :) And he hates it when toys or books are put away. We do a daily dance where Momma puts the books on the rack and the toys in the baskets and he very thoroughly, and with a system removes them and places them back on the floor, where he thinks they belong.

He just cut and is still working on 2 back molars and 2 front teeth on the bottom, hence the constant angry face and grabbing at the side of his check. With this massive teething comes extra clingyness and more random tiredness and sleep during the day, very slight use of the binkie when it gets really bad (it is the only thing that can reach the morals coming and make them feel better) and just general unhappiness. But he still loves his family and has learned to call for Papa, goes to the gate at the top of stairs and shakes it calling for Papa to come up and play. He gets real excited when Shawn and I are both with him and thinks it is so much fun. He is just growing so fast and we are having so much fun with him. I was taken aback again today at how lucky we are to have him. He is so healthy and happy and such a good boy. I can't find words again, I never can when it comes to this. I look back and there is Johnny, I look forward and there is Johnny, happy and full of life in every way he makes life real and our little family makes it full!

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Tara said...

That towel is so cool! He's getting so tall now :) Wow! And Kat isn't cheating on him, it's across state lines and doesn't count *grin*