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Monday, July 20, 2009

First Hair Cut!!!! Hansome Little Man

Sitting with Papa waiting for our turn (Papa got a hair cut too)

Grams and Pops meet us at the hair studio for Johnny's first hair cut.

Look at our big boy. He didn't like sitting alone, so he sat on Daddy's lap and Daddy was able to help keep the Monkey still since he wanted to watch the lady in the mirror and see what was going on. He didn't cry at all!!!! Just wiggled a lot. The woman who cut his hair was very helpful and saved a lot of his hair and just trimmed the bangs and evened out the back, keeping as much adorable curls as possible. She was very happy we brought him in so young, saying it will help when he gets older. I hesitated a lot taking him in, since his hair is something I really love about him, but I am so glad we did, the entire thing was a great experience and he looks so much more pulled together and adorable!

Watching Papa get his hair cut.

back after, see controlled curls!

side after, we had her not cut around his ears to keep the curl there and I am glad we did.

Front after, look how hansom our little man is!!

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