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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First Baseball Game....GO IRONBIRDS!!!!

Getting ready for Papa to pick us up, his shirt says "future plans: get drafted out of little league." and papa says he is going to train him to be a catcher.

Ripkin Stadium in Aberdeen Maryland, home of the Aberdeen Ironbirds, Grams and Pops have season tickets.

Oh my did he love going to this game!!! He laughed and clapped and danced to the music and was just generally excited the entire time.

as well as interested in the game, here he is drinking his lemonade (as Momma had a beer) and watching the game with all interest!!!

I like this picture because you can see Papa's smile lines.

I was struck a few times with how pretty he is, Papa got his this cap with the mascot and "play ball" on it and Johnny's little curls stuck out in the back and on his forehead.

"bad call ump!!! Bad call!!!"

So here is Johnny at his most interested in the game and would you like to know why?

Because of these guys that did a very goofy dance routine, Johnny stared the entire time without moving.

Enjoying the game with his Papa, it was a great evening!!! Can't wait to go again!! Which we will since Papa signed us up for a kid's club and we get to go to a kid's game at the end of the season!!

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Grams said...

I can't wait until I get to go with him too!