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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shapes in the Hole Toy

This is a toy that Papa bought Johnny a few weeks ago, you fit little plastic shapes into matching holes and then the Pooh Characters talk to you. Johnny has always loved it!!! He puts the shapes and anything else into it through the top hole, but today we learned how to put the shapes into the shapes matching hole. With Daddy's help of holding the toy still and picking out the hole Johnny was able to get the star, circle, triangle and heart into the right holes!!!! Then decided he didn't want help anymore. We have been working on supporting his attempts, because when he can't get one it he gets real frustrated and basically throws his arms around and tosses the toy, but us staying calm and helping him to keep trying means that when he did get the shapes in he would get really really excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! clap and smile and look around to make sure we both saw him do it.

He did this all by himself!! Little boy in big shoes!

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