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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sesame Place

Though we had a great day at Sesame Place yesterday, this is how we started our day. Sesame Place is just under 2 hours away, in Pennsylvania. About an hour into our trip we where outside of Philadelphia on 95 going 60 mph, when we noticed that the van in front of us, which originally had a mattress box spring tied to roof no longer had that mattress and it was slowly coming right for us. Momma swirled a little, to avoid the box spring as well as the cars in the other lanes and the box spring hit the side of our car taking off the driver side mirror. Oh my god was that scary!!! But we made it and everybody was fine. We all pulled of and exchanged info. It was just a kid helping his girlfriend move. Momma called the insurance this morning and we will go from there. It will be fine, we are non the fault people, so our insurance will contact his and get this fixed asap, but we ignored the accident and got right to Sesame Place...YEAH!!!!!

Daddy and Johnny on the stoop, this was our first stop of the day, we went right down Sesame Street and checked out the park.
But Momma knows where Johnny's tickle spots are, so Momma gets a smile.

Meeting Burt and Ernie, my one compliant about the park is that there is no time schedule for most of the characters, so it was hard to catch them, Burt and Ernie just happen to be there when walked down and the line was short.

Johnny wasn't quite sure about them, he knew them and wanted to go see them, but wanted Momma to hold him too, he touched them and stared at them and liked it, as long as Momma was holding him, but I am super proud that he didn't cry or fuss at all!!! Such and big brave boy.

While waiting for Elmo's World we stopped in at the shop and tried to get Johnny to take to this huge Elmo ball, he like it for a second, but then not so much.

This however he did like, a huge tub of Melmos right at his level, he tried to scoop them all up at once!!! It was very cute.

Daddy tried to give him the Grouch, to distract from Melmo, but he just added it to the pile :) Guess we better accept he is an Elmo boy.

When we where packing at home in the morning he didn't know where we where headed off too, but he knew it was exciting and spent the morning laughed and running around, then refused to nap in the car, so by the time we got to Elmo's World Live he was pretty worn out, he sat on Momma's lap and just stared at Elmo, clapping every once in a while and wiggling to dance, but really just was content to watch Elmo right there!!! Then when Elmo left he walked up the stairs right next to us and Johnny just watched him leave then stared at where he had been last saying gently "Melmo? Melmo?"
Here is where we loaded Johnny into the car and did some laps to get him to take a nap, he slept for about 30 mins and had some lunch, then it was swimming cloths and back in the park!

Here Shawn took Johnny into the Tiny Tots Tidal Wave Pool, there weren't any waves, but at the deepest spot it still wasn't to Johnny's chin, so it was perfect!!!

He didn't want to leave

This is what Momma got to do with him! We stood right under that when it dumped. We tried to hit up every water thing in the park that he was big enough for and he loved them all!!! Because of the water nature of these events, there aren't a lot of pictures, sorry :)

This area looked like a lot of fun, a big cushed area with big cushion building blocks and a ton of kids his size, but there was a lot of yelling and running and he was a little over whelmed by it all, he kept running out then running back to Daddy, Daddy would tell him it was okay and he would run back out and so on.

There where monster punching bags in sand, you are suppose to run through and knock around, still Johnny was a little small

Then the tiredness began to set back in, but still look how pretty those eyes are.

So we took a short break and had some "juice" We sat under a speaker which was playing Sesame Street music and he bobbed around and wiggled to it. Lesson learned about amusement parks, if allowed (and here you are) bring LOTS of water!!! Gallons!!! We went through 6 bottles really quick and had to buy there.

Finally we found Elmo and this was Johnny's first sight of him, as we turned the corner he started to laugh and say over and over "Melmo, Melmo" He didn't get overly excited or yell or cry, he just laughed.

Oh he was excited but still and good boy and waited his turn, then took Daddy up to say hi to "Melmo" (by the way not an uncommon name for him)

This was one of the best parts of the day!!! He would have stayed for hours if he could.

Okay so after Elmo Daddy got in line for Johnny to tyred another his size play area when he discovered the most disgusting poo EVER!!!! In a very wet swim diaper. Swim diapers are tight and the pull on with no Velcro or straps, and this poo stuck worse then anything else we have ever smelled!!! It was up his back and down his leg and was disgusting. And because Daddy loves Mommy he changed it!!!

and Johnny tried to share his snack, I don't think Daddy likes rice cakes, but maybe Momma.

Then Momma took him on the Sunny Day Carousal. At first he was very interested in the horse and looking all around (hence not getting a straight on picture) then he got board since it took a while to start, but once it started he loved it and just gave a sweet smile.

Alright so on our way out we let him pick out a toy, though Momma tried to push the huge $40 Elmo which was bigger then him, he preferred the just his size $20 Elmo. And clung to it like crazy (slept with it all night last night too)

Here's to the Heroes was a great thing!!!!!! We got to go to the front of the line to get into the park and paid nothing! Thanks Daddy and Anheuser-Busch.

This was one of the magically Mommy days, where I really felt great, and will never forget it. Somehow it revitalised me and we went home with me super ready to take on the house and singing and everything, really motivated and happy with my little family. I can't explain. I had a few moments where I started to cry for no reason, it was a great day.

I just want to also say a few things. It was so nice to be in a place fully designed for toddlers and families! Everyone else was in the same situation as you, everyone else had a small child and had this unspoken understanding, it was okay. That being said we have an amazing child. He is such a good boy. In the past few weeks I had begun to be concerned that I waited to long to start to discipline him and that he was going to start to get out of control. But here is listened great and through NO fits, lefts things and gave up things and was just a sweet heart....then again both mommy and daddy where full focused on him all day. Also there is a reason why kids two and under are free to this park. Though there was a LOT of stuff for him to do and he had a great time, about 75% of the rids where just too big for him, and he could only push himself to be awake so long (we left the park at 6:30 and he was passed out in his car seat by 6:45) So I looked at this trip as a planning trip for next year. The free tickets thing renews every year, so we should get it again next year and we can go again and Johnny can do it all!!


Tara said...

That's so cool sweetie! What wonderful pictures :) I love that Johnny calls him Melmo, I jokingly started doing it here, now Tim is doing it too. Hahah! Thanks for the picture of Abby Cadabby! I wish we could take Kat there someday- but it's just too far away.

Mommy Jenni said...

I call him Melmo too and it drives Shawn crazy :) I wish we would have had time to get a picture with abby for you, or money to buy you stuff, there was stuff EVERYWHERE and I got some really good ideas for crafts for Kat's b-day. We are super lucky to be so close!!! Maybe if you visit us in a few years or something.