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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another Ironbirds Game

Before the game we stopped by Target to get children's Tylenol for the teething monkey (two new teeth on the bottom have shown up today, that makes 12 teeth all in all) and wandered through the toy department...I couldn't help but let him play with all 6 of these Sesame Street beanie babies...he loved them!!! But gave them back easily when he saw the BIG BALL!

For $2.50 this was the greatest gift EVER, he loved it so very much.

SO tonight was our special Kid's Game at the Ironbirds Stadium. He got his own seat and loved getting to stadium and getting to play there again.

Our seats where in row A right in the front...so cool.

It was also dollar hot dog day and Johnny got his very first hot dog all to himself. He giggled and grabbed for it as soon as he saw it! He ate it all just like a big boy.

As usual everyone loved him and he got all kinds of attention every where he went.

Sharing a funnel cake with Daddy.

It was a special day at the ball park and there where these guys all over the place! (he actually got tripped by an owl and almost knocked his head off) I don't know who the dog is, but Johnny loved it anyways.

Here he finally got to meet Ripcord, the Ironbirds mascot! Johnny has wanted to meet him all season.

We stayed for 5 innings before the 0 to 0 score became too much and we headed home. When Johny saw this in my bag he said "baseball?" so he read it all the way home!! Then fell asleep VERY quickly.

I just NEEDED to throw this in here. Jo Ann's fabrics had a sale today for 5 patterns for $5. These patterns are normally $15 EACH, so we saved over $140!!! Now I just need to learn to sew :)

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