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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Blanket by Grams

When Johnny was born Grams and I talked about her making a t-shirt quilt. Gramma Nancy made each one of her Grand kids a quilt when they where born, mine is something I love and treasure!

Taking Johnny's onses and shirts from birth till age one and putting them together so he will always have them to remember. For that year I purposely held aside certain tops that I knew I wanted in. Recently I gave all of those to Grams and she went to town. She added a few very sweet surprise shirts and it was wonderful!!!

Grams got this together very quickly and much bigger then I thought...Perfect for his future twin bed bedspread! Thanks Grams, this means so very much to us!

The center part is all of Johnny's tops and some backs as well that say certain amusing things.

First Row starting at the top right and going across:
*The back to Disney shirt from Halloween says size 6-9 months.
*Kiss Me I'm Cute, top he wore on his birthday
*Everyone is Thankful for Me, top from his Jammies from Thanksgiving
*Snipes and Snails and Puppy dog tails top, just cute!
*Back to his Halloween shirt, Carter's size 6 months
*My Daddy wears combat boots, Grandma Sharon bought this for him when we all went to Kansas to meet Daddy

Second Row:
*I Take my Bottle Shaken not Stirred onsie I bought when I was pregnant
*Level 1 Human onse, Momma bought this for Daddy and took pictures of it on her belly for Valentines day
*Baby's first Easter onsie, Johnny was 6 days old!!!
*HUNK Gorilla top
*Will Cry for Food onsie, because he cries for food and always has
*Back to a birthday top says size 12-18 month Old Navy

Third Row
*Momma's Little Firecracker top, from Johnny's first 4th of July
*back of that says the top is organic size 3-6 month
*Little Devil top, he wore this top for a long time!! It was a hoody that had horns and the pants had a tail
*Embroidered dragon blowing bubbles top, Johnny wore this for our D and D games
*Cookie monster face shirt, this is one of Momma's favorites
*Feed me or no one sleeps onsie, because if you don't feed him no one would sleep :)

Forth Row
*Daddy's Little Monster shirt from his first Halloween
*a Circo (target brand) back size newborn
*Moms Lucky Charm shirt, from his birthday
*red white a blue Carters top from his first 4th of July size 3-6 month
*Organic Baby onsie, because he is an organic baby
*The back to another Old Navy shirt size 18-24 month (remember all the shirts in this Johnny wore before he was one!)

Fifth Row
*NEW onsie, Mommy picked this out at Target right after we found out he was a boy and healthy
*Little Stinker onsie with Flower from Bambi, because he was a stinker
*Another back that says 18-24 month!
*My Daddy Rocks, monkey onsie
*Papa's Little Heman top with little stick figure Papa and "Jack" Momma had this made and a matching T-shirt for Papa for Father's Day
*Baby's First Levis onsie, from a box set that had his first little pair of Levis in it

Sixth Row
*Momma's hunky monkey onsie, Johnny wore this when he meet his Daddy in Kansas
*I'm Banana's for Momma onsie, because he is banana's for Momma :)
*Newblet onsie, another one Momma bought for Daddy and took pictures of it on her belly for Valentine's Day
*"flower" the skunk onsie from Halloween
*Momma rocks me to sleep onsie, Daddy bought this at Target when we found out he was a boy and healthy
*Lucky and Charming onsie, we bought this right after he was born in a 12 month thinking it would be perfect for his birthday, he grew out of it very quickly
Seventh Row
*back from his Christmas shirt from Osh Kosh that says 18 month
*Muscle Beach crab onsie he wore around 5 months for Papa
*Hersey's world shirt that we bought at Hersey's world on our visit in August 08
*This blank panel has a pocket on it, it was from the back of the Hunk shirt and this is a butt pocket, what does a baby need with a butt pocket?
*Just Hatched onsie, thought it was amusing since he was born just 6 days before Easter
*Can barely see the Papa's Little Heman top that Papa bought and had embroidered the day after Johnny was born

Last Row
*Embroidered wolf chasing leaves, for Daddy
*I shamrock St Patty's Day, another top we bought right after he was born in 12 month, but it didn't fit for his birthday like we thought it would
*Momma's Boy onsie, I just love this one!
*Hansome Like Daddy spider onsie, Daddy used to put this on him all the time :)
*Tree Hugger onsie, raising Johnny to be a tree hugger
*you can't see in this picture, but it is an organic onsie that says "we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors we borrow it from our children"

Along the sides is where Grams surprised me with family shirts.
The very top shirt is "world's greatest Grandpa" that we bought for Pops
next down is a "United we stand" t-shirt that me and Grams got after 9-11
Ohio State t-shirt from Papa

A t-shirt we had made for Papa with a picture of Johnny, for Papa's birthday
The back to the Gap shirt Papa wore for Johnny's birthday

along the bottom
U.S Army recruiting shirt from Papa
U.S Army mom shirt that I bought for my mom after I graduated AIT, I was really excited to see this top in here since sometimes I feel like the 6 years I spent in the Army reserves gets forgotten

This shirt really made me cry when I saw it since I very clearly remember Gramma Nancy wearing it a lot! Mom said they sold it at the post office where Gramma worked so she would wear it to work .
Next is the Green Gap shirt Papa wore for Johnny's Birthday

The next side has a Penney's Auto body shirt from my Uncles' body shop in Ohio, as far back as I can remember we have all had shirts like this one, this is the most recent.
Under is Papa's t-shirt with the stick figures of Papa and Jack that Momma had made for Father's day, Papa wore it a lot!

On the top is another Army shirt from Papa, I think we got him this one too
And then is Papa's Godzilla shirt, which I was surprise and slightly touched that he gave up for Johnny.
In the next blank square we are going to put Johnny's feet and hand prints.

On the back Grams took a blanket that Johnny's Godmother Christine bought him and that we used a lot, but became to small to use as he got older
Under that is the shirt Grams made with Ella when Johnny was born, it says "cousins" and has their two feet prints from that day...oh my god isn't that sweet?

This means so much to me, it is the maternity shirt that I wore most often and was my favorite!! It was so comfy and by the end it was the only thing that fit!! Grams even let it hang out a little so you can really tell it is Momma's maternity shirt!
This also means a lot to us, it says "A line in the sand" Daddy bought this in Iraq...showing Johnny that Daddy was protecting us while Momma was making him :)

I love this blanket and Grams did an amazing job, something he will have forever and remember and know how much we all love him and how special his life is!

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Jen said...

I love it! I wish I had done that, but that first year I could not tell whose shirts were whose and who belonged to what! Great job Grams!