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Thursday, August 20, 2009


When my sister-in-law told me a few months ago to stop or minimize my use of my microwave oven I laughed at her and shrugged her off. But in the past months she is not the only one to tell me that. So I did some research and what I found makes me feel bad about what I have been feeding my family, and using and giving my other sister in law a baby food cook book that highly recommended microwaving over any other cooking method.

How I understand it is that though microwave ovens do not make food dangerous the way that microwaves heat food (by making molecules move very rapidly inside the food) can kill nutrients inside the food, making it less healthy then you think it is. I have been buying frozen organic veggies and heating them in the microwave for Johnny, making sure there are no pesticides or additives, but destroying the important nutrients. Most things I have read say that the convince of microwaves cannot be pushed aside, so you can't stop using microwaves, but try to bake and boil using a conventional oven more often or at least for children and healthier foods...does that make sense. it is all still a little above my head, but I am trying to understand it. There are not a lot of formal studies and the FDA still hasn't put out any word about this part of microwaving, but there is a lot of info out there anyways.

microwaving destroys some nutrients and turns some amino acids into carcinogens.

All those vital enzymes that help us digest our food, all the B, C and E vitamins and most trace minerals are destroyed in the microwaving process.

health risks associated with eating food cooked in microwave ovens

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