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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Trip to the Park

Hercules always follows us to the park and yesterday he seemed to want to play. Johnny can be a bit rough with his petting, but Herc kept coming back and wanting more. Here Johnny is sprinkling Herc with dirt.

Big boy in the big boy swing!!

Just look how adorable he is!

As always we had a fun time with Grams and Ella at the park.

As follows are some pictures from our trip to Ohio last week. When I posted the pictures from our trip there where just so many pictures! So I held on to these from Sunday morning as we where getting ready for church.

Keep the boys busy and reading some Elmo.

Those Johnny's little loafers where adorable, they kept falling off, but he was very ready to put them back on himself!

"door" that little monkey is so smart! and then ready to go

"Hello?" That is Grams' cell phone, that he always finds, opens and talks into :)

He is such a big boy

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