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Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Few Pictures

This picture is from last week when we visited Grams and got lucky to play with Samantha too...Look at this big cousin love his baby cousin. He kept reaching out to hold her!!!

Yesterday we had a few extra play mates come over for a little bit and Johnny just loved all the extra attention!! We have tried play dough before and he just tried to eat it, then get upset at how bad it tasted, this time he really did want to play with it. Seeing and mimicking the bigger kids.

Papa LOVES to do special things with his grand kids, this time it was a walk in wagon to a play ground, where played for near a full hour!

This move and picture are from yesterday morning, when I put a Elmo's World DVD in and he just started laughing and jumping! So I ran and got my camera. I know I should have moved them away from the TV immediately, but I love how excited he gets, it is really cute.

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