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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Boots and Blankets and Lost Cloths

Today Momma was pulling bedding out of the storage unit and she noticed THREE boxes of baby cloths Johnny had grown out of that Momma had forgotten about...how do you forget about THREE boxes of cloths...when you have too many cloths. Lets just say that Cousin Wyatt has an entire wardrobe of fall and winter cloths on it's way to him this week end.

Johnny has an incredible infatuation with shoes!!! He will bring you shoes he can't put on himself and ask you to put them on him, like Daddy's boots.

Though it is hard to walk in Daddy's boots, it is not hard to dance, I think it was to the theme of Twilight Zone that Papa was watching.

When Grams and Pops came to visit us this afternoon (to take Johnny to his 4th Ironbirds game, which he enjoys more each time he goes) Grams brought with her an Elmo blanket that she made. We found this amazing red furry material that was already lined, and Grams got 1.3 yards and some sew on blanket silky boarder, that Grams sewed on the loose edges (sewing this boarder on is not incredibly easy.) It took him a minute after Grams gave it to him for him to realise what it was and that is was for him, then he said "melmo" (which is getting more clearer Elmo everyday and it makes me sad)

Nite Nite monkey boy, enjoy the warmth of your Elmo blanket.

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Tara said...

That blanket is awesome! Great job Grandma!!!