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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Antics Around the House

Yesterday Momma made the mistake of leaving the bucket of clean and folded cloths in the hallway while she went potty, this is what Momma discovered when she came out...but he sure did have fun!!!

One of Johnny's favorite toys is shoes, Momma's backless Keds are easy to put on and keep on. He walked around for about 10 mins in my shoes today, a little slow, but very cute!!!

Daily now whenever the TV is on Johnny wants to watch Elmo, asks for it and points to the TV. All of his DVDs are locked in the case under the TV and he knows that, sits next to it and points and knocks on the window. But with the increase in educational TV so is the increase in his verbal skills!!! He is picking up words and understanding very quickly. He really gets clothing now, especially shoe and points "shoe? shoe?"

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