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Monday, August 17, 2009

Post 2 of our Trip to Ohio...Before and After the Party

Saturday the 15th Grams and Aunt Chel planned a Dennison Penney family reunion. While the adults where preparing the food and the house for the families to arrive, the kids got the play. This bouncer used to be Johnny's and I thought it was amazing seeing Johnny stand next to it. When Johnny was nine months old he was already to big/heavy for the bouncer, Wyatt at 9 months is still prefect for it and loves it.

And Johnny loved helping Wyatt enjoy the bouncer!

Papa and Uncle Chuckles where putting together the new/old dinning room table and Johnny knew he could help them!

OH Momma I am such a little man and so strong!

Before the Party 8-15-09 Picasa Pictures

I have cut out the pictures from the party from this post since there are so very many of them and intend to do one more post.

Johnny was so dead asleep after the party that Momma was able to stage this picture :) I think it is very cute.

But this is what happened as he tried to hide from the light of the flash from my camera phone...still so super cute!

Asleep After the Party Picasa Pictures

Don't forget to look at the post before this one for the beginning of our trip to Ohio.

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