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Monday, August 17, 2009

Post 3 of our Week end in Ohio...the Party!

Saturday 8-15-09 was our big family reunion!!! Over 30 of our Dennison and Penney family members gathered at Uncles Chuckles house in Streetsboro Ohio for hot dogs, beer, corn hole, and catching up. Many of us wore Browns gear to prepare for the game that evening.

One of the biggest attention grabber for the kids was chalk and chalk paint, even Johnny learned how to color with them without eating them.

Grams with Sam (who meet us in Ohio with Natalie and Ella after visiting Nat's family in Kentucky for two weeks) and Johnny, though it is not a good picture it shows Johnny's mood for the week end...he was go go go go!!! And into everything! Momma learned to run quickly!

Sam getting primped by her Momma!!! Ain't she cute?

Johnny sitting for a short moment with Uncle Tim

Playing corn hole, a very popular game in Ohio, or the mid west in general, and the adults played it all day!!!

This is my Aunt Cookie and Uncle Ron who made a grand entrance!!

The little girl whose pretty face you can't see is my cousin's 4 month old daughter Jillian, we tried to get Johnny to play with her, but he didn't really get the genital tactic with her as much and she didn't like belly time.

This is Jillian's mom, my cousin Rachel helping Johnny get into trouble :)

Here the kids come back again to drawing and painting on side walk!!! These four (Ella, Johnny, Bennett and Aislinn) painted for a while, they ran off, then came back and again and again :)

Look at that big boy painting on the side walk!

It was all VERY cute until Johnny began painting himself and Momma realized that we still wanted a nice family picture and Johnny had paint all over himself :) It cleaned off very easily.

Here is the party, It was such a nice day where everyone got along and caught up, Look at all of us...the number of us keeps growing and growing....it is WONDERFUL!

As the day wore on and Johnny got a little more tired he decided to crawl into the babies rest shade area and tuck himself in.

This is one of the only pictures I could get of Bennett (age 2, son of my cousin Erin) and Johnny next to each other...both cute little boys with heads of curly hair.

There are a million pictures of this party!!!! I tried to do a nice spread here, but there are many many more and many that others have taken :) It was a wonderfully fun and relax day!!!

The Dennison Penney family reunion pictures on Picasa

We headed home on Sunday the 16th after church and breakfast with Grandpap and Grandma Ruth, again and as is common now Johnny was restless and constantly on the go. I wish he would calm down just a little so his great grandparents would have been able to bound with him some more! But he has his own personality and way of doing everything.

Elmo and the binky came again the rescue on the 6 hour trip home. We rode in Aunt Natalie's van with her and Sam so Johnny got to utilize the DVD players in head rest and wireless head phone, though he lost patience with holding the head phones up and began to watch Elmo with no sound, keep him pretty entertained since he wouldn't go to sleep.

Despite me bragging about getting rid of the binky so early (ie a few months ago) I have let Johnny have it to calm him down quickly, teething, or when I feel he just needs it! Long car trips for example. I am proud to say that Johnny is developing fast and goes weeks between binky usage sometimes.

Also since Elmo has become a daily occurrence Johnny's vocab seems to shoot up, words he learned on this trip include... No (or no no no no no no), nose (and he knows where it is), car, and cookie...those are just the most used. However something else we have learned is that he is a stubborn little butt, who refuses to do something he knows just because you asked him too...he refuses to do tricks so Momma could show him off.

But everyone was so impressed with how much he has grown, it makes me sad that they haven't seen more of him, or him of them and makes me feel even more sad that his Grandparents, Aunt, and Great Grand Mother and Aunt in Chicago haven't seen him since last Christmas and won't until this Christmas...a full year. It is no ones fault, a trip for either group of us was just too much to do...but Johnny is growing so fast it is frightening!

oh and don't forget to look for the other two posts about our week end in Ohio

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Natalie said...

Great pictures Jenn! I know I tease you for never being without your camera, but it is nice to have so many great pictures! Thanks!