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Monday, August 3, 2009

Busy Day

Playing at the library!!!! Look at those big kids. Our library didn't have as much Sesame Street stuff as I would like, but it was so nice to go down there, I think we will make this a weekly trip.


With the flying mattress incident on Saturday there where a lot of phone calls and foot work for Momma to do today to get the other guy's insurance to get the mercury fixed and get a rental car since it is unsafe to drive the mercury right now. All I told the rental place was that I needed to fit two car seats in the back of the car...this is what they gave me...a Dodge Charger!! Oh is it nice!! The rental guy was really nice and so where the people at the body shop, it was a busy day, but everything worked out just fine. Shawn is gone for the week at a really uppity nice hotel in DC for a clinical leadership conference. He says he is learning a lot and misses us, but he will be home on Friday and hopefully by then this car stuff will all be worked out too

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Grams said...

YOU ALWAYS WERE A GOOD MULTI TASKER! When the going gets tough you get going. MOM