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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

National Zoo with Papa

Look Squirrel! Endangered squirrel.
But to Johnny everything was "dog"

Look Papa an orangutan, you think it will come and see us?

Yes, Jack, I do think it will come and see us :)
How cool is this? Johnny didn't really know what to do, but the orangutan just hung out, threw up on the glass, then licked it off, then Momma was laughing so hard we had to move on.

I want a smart caption for this pic, but I have no ideas, still how cute is that kid?

Look at the Meerkat!!! Right up on the glass, Johnny really likes these guys! He learned "Cat"

What a day did we have...check out the Komoto Dragon that came right up to the glass and walked by us!!! So big (though Papa said it was a small one) and had this really long tongue that he kept spitting out.

It was a really really nice day at the National Zoo!! Thank you Papa for spending it with us!! Johnny really does love his Papa and gets really excited when he knows he is going to see him and when we do get to see him.

Papa meet us at the Green Belt Station, which is where we grabbed the Metro to take to Zoo. Papa works at the Navy Yard and takes the Metro to get to work, so he just came to us and we were off. Johnny wasn't a big fan of the Metro, since he couldn't walk around and he couldn't eat (I learned today that we can't eat on the Metro to keep away the rats, why did I never realize that before?)

Here is Johnny seeing the BIG "cat" and letting us know, however it was hot out and the big cats didn't want to play.

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Grams said...

Even though Pops was exhausted after the last week we so enjoyed spending so much time with him while the girls & Wyatt have been gone. We love you all, Mom