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Monday, August 17, 2009

Post 1 of our Weekend in Ohio...Playing with Wyatt

Grams, Momma and Johnny left for a week end in Ohio on Thursday the 13th. During the 6 hrs in the car Johnny watched a lot of Elmo's World (at one point Momma tried to put in Big Bird and Johnny said "No no no no no no! Melmo") And handled the trip very well with Elmo's World and the binky. When we arrived at Uncle Chuckles house Johnny was pleasantly surprised to find cousin Wyatt waiting there and kept giving him hugs and kisses!!

Johnny also was VERY excited to get Wyatt to play with him. At 9 months Wyatt is developing great, but Johnny didn't get the 9 month age difference and kept pulling on Wyatt to get him closer to the toys and any where else Johnny wanted, though surprisingly pretty gentle.

Another GREAT thing is that Johnny really is learning to share and kept giving him his toys...Johnny gave up MELMO...how sweet is that? Oh and how cute is my nephew?

That night Johnny was getting ready for a bath and Wyatt (who already had a bath that day) heard the water and got REALLY excited trying to jump from his Momma's arms to the bath tub, so they took a bath together and really had a great time, splashing each other and dumping water on each other!

8-13-09 playing with Wyatt Picasa Pictures

The next day, Friday 8-14-09. We spent the day relaxing and catching up with Chuckles and Aunt Chel, doing some shopping and out to lunch at C Cs pizza buffet.

Look at those two big boys sitting at the table ready to eat!

Johnny was so ready to eat that he buckled himself in his high chair. Luckily her hasn't figured out how to unbuckle himself yet :)

After lunch Aunt Cookie came over to visit and catch up as well. See Johnny give her the stink eye? It takes him a little while to warm up to anyone he doesn't see daily, but once he does it is very sweet, he freely gave Aunt Cookie a kiss before he went to bed.

And then was tuckered out!

8-14-09 in Ohio Picasa Pictures

I have so many pictures I want to get up that this will be probably two more posts! It really was a fun week end!

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